Culture May 2013

Book Review – There was a country

When the independence of African nations became unavoidable, British and French colonisers followed a common pattern. They ignored the rightful call for self-determination and did all they could to create new nations according to their own needs. This is the case of Sudan and Chad, where southern peoples did not want to share the same…

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Music – Oxmo Puccino

A ‘king without a coach’, an eccentric ambassador, a true artist. Oxmo Puccino is all of these. UNICEF France recently named the 39-year-old Bamako-born hip-hop singer an ‘Ambassador’. He has been part of the musical scene for 25 years. Roi sans carrosse (King without a coach) is his sixth album which, a mere 6 months…

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Ecuador – Sumak Kawsay as a way of life

  The indigenous concept of “good living” can be adapted to Western culture. Understanding the indigenous world view involves questioning how we are traditionally taught to face life. For example, knowing how to distinguish between “living better,” the basis of Western development, and “good living,” or sumak kawsay in Kichwa.“Living better” is a Western model…

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Myanmar – Thanaka, the secret of beauty

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  Burmese women’s and children’s use of thanaka is a unique custom; we uncover this tradition’s background and the reasons it continues to thrive today Burmese women feel great pride when they are asked to explain the golden paste covering their faces. This traditional skin conditioner has been used in Burmese society for centuries and…

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Feeding people during the Covid-19 emergency.

With the declaration of the health emergency in Ecuador, all activities and services taking care of poor people were suspended. The experience of Caritas’ dining…

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The Herons and the Tortoise.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lake, near a big mountain. There lived many animals in the water and on the banks of the…

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Youth & Mission

Young People lead the protest against racism, discrimination and social…

More and more young people are joining protests around the world and are playing an increasingly important role to protest against racism, discrimination and social inequality. Is…

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