Culture July 2017

Ecuador. Ancient culture and tradition in a hat.

The ‘toquilla’ straw hat is a fine example of the history, skill and identity of the Ecuadorean people. It is popularly known the world over, the Panama Hat. The  reason why it was known as the ‘Panama hat’ goes back to the time of the  construction of the Panama Canal which caused a great demand…

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Kenya/Maasai. The Enkipaata Ceremony

There are two types of enkipaata, a ceremony before circumcision, one for boys and one for warriors. After the ceremony of Enturoroto e motonyi, the boys wait for four years, or as long as their godfather-group wants them to stay, before they have their first enkipaata dance. And only when the godfather-group wants to hold…

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Mexico. The Mesoamerican Ball Game.

Archaeologists have identified more than 1,500 ball courts to date. These prehistoric buildings that were specifically created for the practice of the Mesoamerican ball game show that this game is a thousand-year old form of sport. But it was more than just a game, it also played a ritual, political and economic role among Mesoamerican…

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Guatemala. Walking in Antique History.

Tikal, Guatemala’s archaeological heart, was home to the Mayans for 1700 years. It was as sophisticated as modern ones, in architectural and urban terms. Tikal, which is in Petén province some 300 kilometres north of Guatemala’s capital, was one of the largest cities built by the Mayans at any time in their history. The ancient…

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Advocating For Intelligent And Sustainable Earnings.

There is no consistent and successful advocacy but the one founded in strong credibility. Credibility is the quality or power of inspiring belief; it can…

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The Ambitious Ants.

Ants are the busiest creatures in the world. Every ant has a full time job, with no holidays and no half-days off Ants like to work,…

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Youth & Mission

Pope Francis: “Our young people are our foremost mission”.

In his fourth apostolic journey to the African continent, visiting Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius Pope Francis said to young people: “keep dreaming and moving forward”. In…

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