Culture December 2016

China. Jade, the essence of heaven and earth.

The word “jade” communicates a sense of mystery. In Chinese, jade refers to a fine, beautiful stone with a warm colour and rich luster, that is skilfully and delicately carved. In Chinese culture, jade symbolizes nobility, perfection, constancy, and immortality. For millennia, jade has been an intimate part of the lives of Chinese of all…

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Carissa Spinarum: The Magic Herb

Carissa spinarum (Apocynaceae family) is a shrub which is indigenous to tropical Africa. Previously scientists had named this plant Carissa edulis. The plant has been a source of inspiration for a number of communities. It is very popular among many communities in Africa due to its enormous food and medicinal benefits. This shrub-like plant is…

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South Sudan. The Nuer people: between offence and repair.

In case of offence, the perpetrator must publicly acknowledge his guilt and reward the offended. The important role of the local community. The Nuer people live along the rivers in the eastern region of South Sudan, in a land that is flooded for six months every year because of the heavy rains and the Nile…

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Mexico. The Sacred Mountain.

As time pass and cultures evolved, our appreciation to great achievements is enhance with the remaining few that best describes the people or culture that made them. One such achievement is Monte Alban, once the ceremonial capital of Mexico’s Zapotecs who laboured and toiled to create an Olympus in honour of their gods, priests and…

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The 4 Freedoms.

One of the most important aims of advocacy is building strong democracy and democratic organizations to hold those in power accountable, expanding citizen’s understanding of…

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The Water in Olive Lake.

Long, long ago, a mother and her son lived by Olive Lake below Olive Mountain. The mother was very, very old and could not work anymore.…

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Youth & Mission

Youth on the frontline against Covid - 19.

In the time of Coronavirus, young people have organised to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and supporting their communities. In Cameroon, Achalake Christian, the coordinator of Local…

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