Culture April 2015

Music – Sia Tolno, African Woman

“I’m a very changeable person: I don’t wear the same face everyday”. The description Sia Tolno gives of herself also fits with the musical works of this 40 years old Guinean woman: so far, none of her four albums have resembled the previous. Tolno ascribed this to a mere attempt of finding a style that…

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Book Review – Congo

Since Joseph Conrad wrote Heart of Darkness in 1899, the country which is now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo has been the subject of many novels, stories and reports. Authors such as André Gide, Graham Greene, Ryszard Kapuściński, Norman Mailer and V.S. Naipaul have written about it, not to mention historians such…

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China. The sound among the mountains.

Paika is a rural community of the Miao ethnic minority in the hilly Guizhou Province, in southwestern China. In the local language this name refers to this mountain village that produces the Lusheng, a reed instrument. The village with no more than one hundred houses has been known around the province for its Lusheng production…

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The African head scarf, a work of art

The African head scarf, supposed to match clothes, comes in different fabrics, forms and styles. The target is to highlight the creativity and the beauty of African women. Its name differs depending on the country: tukwi in Botswana; duku in Ghana and Malawi; musuro in Mali; musor gele in Nigeria and Senegal. Whatever its name…

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Advocating For Intelligent And Sustainable Earnings.

There is no consistent and successful advocacy but the one founded in strong credibility. Credibility is the quality or power of inspiring belief; it can…

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The Ambitious Ants.

Ants are the busiest creatures in the world. Every ant has a full time job, with no holidays and no half-days off Ants like to work,…

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Youth & Mission

Pope Francis: “Our young people are our foremost mission”.

In his fourth apostolic journey to the African continent, visiting Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius Pope Francis said to young people: “keep dreaming and moving forward”. In…

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