Churches June 2016

DR. of Congo. The smiling faces of people

For more than twenty years now, Brother Richard Hardi, a medical ophthalmologist, travels through the forest of the Congo to reach the most distant villages and restore sight to people otherwise condemned to a life of darkness. His old four-wheel drive vehicle moves slowly along the track deep in the rainforest. Three hours ago, we…

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Central African Republic. Dialogue is the way

“The walls of mistrust and separation can be knocked down by dialogue and solidarity. Fear is the first enemy of peace and brotherhood among communities”. After four years of civil war in the Central African Republic, peace is gradually coming back. The Catholic Archbishop of the capital Bangui, Mons. Dieudonné Nzapalainga, talked to us about…

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Brazil. Lele for Beatification

Thirty years ago, they killed Fr. Ezekiel (Lele) Ramin, a Comboni Missionary working in Caocal, in the state of Rondonia. He was only 32. “A Martyr of Charity” Pope John Paul II called him a few days after his death. The diocesan process for beatification has already begun. As the old jeep moves swiftly along…

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Ivory Coast. A home for street children

The streets of Abidjan, the largest city of Ivory Coast, are home to around 30,000 boys and girls. The De La Salle Christian Brothers are committed to providing them with a home and dignity. The Akwaba Home in Abidjan, which is run by the De La Salle Brothers, hosts and assists boys and girls, between…

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The Covid-19 Pandemic Advocacy.

Advocacy is Re-active while "forcing" us because problems or issues are already there. Then we use advocacy to respond, seeking to address or reducing their…

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The Fox, the Monkey, the Hare and the Horse.

The fox is the wicked animal in the forest, and everyone hates him. He is for ever cheating people and playing tricks on everyone. There is…

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Youth & Mission

The African Youth Survey 2020. Vibrant Afro-optimism rises.

A comprehensive survey of Africa’s youth – the African Youth Survey 2020 –has just revealed a rising Afro-Optimism among the continent’s youth driven by a strong…

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