Churches February 2014

South Sudan – Welcome to the Rainbow Centre

John arrived at the Rainbow Centre, four years ago, in the morning, Sister Joan remembers it as if it was yesterday “I immediately sent a catechist to the market to buy John a dress, a blanket and  some soap”, this Comboni missionary sister with an iron will and a sweet smile remembers. “The boy”, she…

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South Sudan – “We are tired of war”

“This violence is not the result of ethnic rivalry, but a political division among members of the same party. I do not believe we will return to war, simply because the South Sudanese do not want it. They paid way too high a tribute in blood for their independence and now just want to live…

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Liberia – Among West Point Shacks

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The name, brings to mind the famous American military academy, but West Point is a strip of land just a bit longer than a kilometer and 400 meters wide, connected to the rest of the shoreline by the Zolu Duma bridge. It is the largest slum on the outskirts of Monrovia, the capital of Liberia,…

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Bolivia – Market theology

The market has a bit of everything – fruit and vegetables and then there are rice, baby food, galoshes, vermicelli and pumpkins as well as all sorts of meat and fish. One characteristic of the market is the great number of pedlars selling their sandwiches, ready meals, ice cream and an amount of beverages such…

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Feeding people during the Covid-19 emergency.

With the declaration of the health emergency in Ecuador, all activities and services taking care of poor people were suspended. The experience of Caritas’ dining…

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The Herons and the Tortoise.

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful lake, near a big mountain. There lived many animals in the water and on the banks of the…

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Youth & Mission

Young People lead the protest against racism, discrimination and social…

More and more young people are joining protests around the world and are playing an increasingly important role to protest against racism, discrimination and social inequality. Is…

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