Churches December 2017

The Church in Amazonia: Condemnation and Proclamation

It is three years since a meeting in Brasilia between the bishops of the region, priests, missionaries, lay people, representatives of Caritas and local Catholic organisations, when the Pan Amazonia Red Ecclesial (REPAM) was created. This instrument aimed at uniting the various ecclesial resources present in the nine Latin-American countries, including Amazonian territory. We discussed…

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Guatemala. The Feast Of Saint Thomas In Chichicastenango.

Chichicastenango is a beautiful village at the bottom of a mountain, amidst the Sierra Madre at 2,070 meters above sea level. It is located 140 km northwest of Guatemala city. The patron feast of Chichicastenango is is that of Saint Thomas Apostle, and it’s famous for its religious syncretism. We visited the place. The name…

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Mozambique. Formation In The Shadow Of The Port.

The Nacala Women’s Polytechnic School, which is run by the Comboni Missionary Sisters, was established about twenty years ago and it has become a reference point in the country. Its goal is to provide Mozambican women with education, a challenge in a country where girls have difficulties in accessing quality education. The city of Nacala…

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Cardinal Tagle: “Every Human Encounter Is A Possible Mission”.

A mission in continual transformation. The commitment to proclaim truth and justice. Migrants as witnesses to the Gospel. We talked with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila. What sort of mission is possible today? I believe the answer to this question is to be found on two different levels. Firstly: the mission is always…

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The 4 Freedoms.

One of the most important aims of advocacy is building strong democracy and democratic organizations to hold those in power accountable, expanding citizen’s understanding of…

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The Water in Olive Lake.

Long, long ago, a mother and her son lived by Olive Lake below Olive Mountain. The mother was very, very old and could not work anymore.…

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Youth & Mission

Youth on the frontline against Covid - 19.

In the time of Coronavirus, young people have organised to prevent COVID-19 from spreading and supporting their communities. In Cameroon, Achalake Christian, the coordinator of Local…

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