Churches August 2014

Myanmar – Missionaries at the ends of the earth

Choosing faraway places and love for the poorest are the characteristics of a community of Christians who live, as Pope Francis says, “at the ends of the earth”. Fr Elizeo Hla is a small dark man with a permanent smile. He wears threadbare jeans and a cardigan of no particular colour. He wears his straw…

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Bangladesh. Pedalling for the poor

At the age of 77, an American Maryknoll missionary, Fr Bob McCahill continues riding his bicycle on the countryside roads of Bangladesh, to meet and help sick people, especially children. He is a sign of Christian love among Muslim and Hindus. Along these roads he is greeted as Bob Bhai (Brother Bob – bhai is…

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For a true and sincere dialogue with islam

Dialogue with Islam represents a special challenge for all those who want to engage in inter-religious dialogue. Father Joseph Scattolin, a Comboni missionary, underlines three fields which are important for a dialogue between Christianity and Islam. In the dialogue between Christianity and Islam, it is first of all important to have a rational investigation. History…

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Zambia – Radio Musi-O-Tunya “smokes and thunders”

Livingstone is a tourist city, situated in the southern part of Zambia, bordering Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. The city is associated with beautiful places of attraction such as the ‘mighty’ Victoria Falls, locally known as ‘Musi-O-Tunya’, which means ‘The smoke that thunders’. Other places of attraction in Livingstone are Gorges, the National Parks, Helicopter adventure,…

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Money as a mission.

St. Basil the Great, in the 4th century would call money ‘the devil’s dung,’  an epithet reused by Pope Francis last year. Oscar Wilde said…

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The Hare, the Hippo and the Fire.

The hare and the hippo were great friends. They walked together in the veld and visited each other in their homes. The hippo was very proud…

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Youth & Mission

The Virus of Racism.

The world is seeing once again the upsurge of a vicious “virus” that has spread to every corner of the world. This time, the “virus” is…

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