Churches April 2016

Syria. Concrete acts of hope

The Jubilee of Mercy in a city torn apart by civil war. Father Ibrahim Aisabagh, Parish of the Roman Catholic Church of St. Francis in Aleppo, talked with us about his experience. After a short truce, five missiles hit Azizieh, a mainly Christian area not far from the Church of St. Francis, which, in turn,…

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Algeria. The spirit of Tibhirine still lives on.

The memory of the Trappist monks from the Our Lady of Atlas Abbey of Tibhirine, who were assassinated twenty years ago, is still alive. We met with Father Jean Marie Lassausse, who is in charge of the monastery of Tibhirine. Father Lassausse never gets tired of telling people the story of the French monks who…

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Indonesia. The ‘PusPas’ Pastoral Centre

The Island of Sumba is part of  the southern  archipelago of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia. A small Christian community lives there practicing the Gospel through understanding and respect for traditions. Lukas is very good at grabbing his audience’s attention and if one listens to him he cannot but acknowledge that biblical stories are…

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Bangladesh. “We are one family”

The everyday simple gestures can create a spirit of trust and brotherhood among people of different religions. This is the experience of  American Maryknoll missionary, Fr Bob McCahill. “The life of service to the sick-poor and the simplicity of lifestyle of a missionary speak volumes to those among whom I live”.  “The peace of Allah…

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A Nun faces big multinational corporations.

Sister Nathalie Kangaji has never been ready to accept injustice. She has been fighting for ten years as coordinator of the Legal Aid Center (CAJJ)…

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Why the Bat Flies at Night.

0nce upon a time, the bat and the bush-rat were great friends. All day long they would go hunting in the bush together, dodging between the…

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Youth & Mission

Young People. Always Missionaries.

It doesn’t take much to make young people missionaries. Even those who are most frail, limited and troubled can be missionaries in their own way, for…

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