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Pope urges African youth to be protagonists in shaping the future.

Young people from nine different countries had a chance to each comment and ask a question to Pope Francis, during the online conversation. At the beginning of the conversation, held on 1 November, the Holy Father said young people are the roots. He said the stronger they are, the stronger their roots will be. He…

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Islam. The Prophetic Voice of Women.

Amina Wadud, one of the most important theologians of Islam, criticizes the Islamic patriarchate, the male Imamate and the patriarchal interpretation of the Koran. The recent demonstrations in Iran show how important it is to give women a voice in the Islamic world. She is one of the most listened to and, at the same…

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South Africa. Creativity that Transforms the World.

Soweto Theatre is a community space where new generations of artists are forged from historical memory A captivating shade of red dominates the modern building, which expands into geometric and irregular shapes, next to the mythical Jabulani amphitheatre. It was there that Zindzi Mandela read the speech “My father says …”, it was 1985, when…

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The Tortoise and the Chimpanzee.

The Tortoise and the Chimpanzee had been friends for a very long time and so it was only natural that they should invite each other to their wedding feasts when they both decided to get married. The Chimpanzee was the first to celebrate his wedding. The most delicious food was prepared and the finest palm…

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Towards the 2023 Synod. The Church Walking Towards the Peripheries.

“It is not enough to say that the Church is missionary. It is necessary to understand well what this mission consists of ”. Going out means ‘going towards suffering humanity to live fraternity, heal its wounds, help its needs, participate in its struggles for rights”. The 1st Ecclesial Assembly of Latin America and the Caribbean…

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Transnistria. In the Shadow of the Kremlin.

It is not recognized by any state, but, to all intents and purposes, it is independent: from the border to Tiraspol, between checkpoints and the still visible signs of the 1992 war. A journey to a country that does not exist, officially. A prefabricated container interrupts the two-lane road connecting Chisinau to Tiraspol. The cars…

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Coexistence in respect and dialogue.

Interreligious dialogue is customary. Just like the comparison between the different ethnic components, also through institutional paths. Thus, the Ghanaians live together without distinction of faith or ethnicity. If there is a priceless treasure that the Ghanaians have always clung to, valuing and cultivating it, it is the peaceful coexistence between the different religions and…

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Catholic Church on the Synodal Way.

The Church, though still in its young age, is very dynamic, vibrant, and efficient. Two important challenges: a new missionary élan and dialogue with modern society.  Particular attention to the youth. Catholic missionaries from Portugal accompanying the soldiers in their discovery expeditions, around 1482, were the first protagonists of the Catholic Presence in Ghana. Still…

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China. A Third Term for Xi Jinping.

The reconfirmation of Xi Jinping as Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) opens an unprecedented season for China and the world, as no one before him had been reconfirmed for the third time for this position. This undoubtedly constitutes a signal of internal strengthening of the current leadership, which has managed to prevail…

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Adriano Karipuna. The Amazon. Protecting our territory.

He has inherited the legacy of his father, one of the few survivors of the genocide half a century ago, and represents a "people" that…

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The cat... with a bag.

One day, a penniless farmer from an oasis went to a rich merchant in the neighbouring village to ask for a loan. The old harvest was…

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Youth & Mission

Peace in the Holy Land.

God of Comfort, send your Spirit to encompass all those whose lives are torn apart by violence and death in Israel and Palestine. You are the Advocate of the…

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