Monthly Archives: October 2020

Herbs & Plants. Lantana camara. A Therapeutic Plant.

Plants have been a source of effective therapeutic agents for various diseases. Globally, there is a growing interest in the development of drugs of plant origin. Lantana camara (Family Verbenaceae); common name lantana, is one of the plants known to have great therapeutic potential. It is an erect or subscandent, vigorous shrub which can grow…

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How history shaped Oman.

During its history, Oman has been known by different names. Arab tribes, who emigrated from the territory of ‘Uman in Yemen for agriculture or fishing, which boasts an ancient civilization, are likely responsible for the current name of ‘Oman’. And Oman was well known in antiquity. Sumerian tablets describe a land like that of Magan,…

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The Water-Buffalo and the Tiger.

Once there lived a hard-working farmer in a small village who had a water-buffalo. Every day, with his plough on his shoulder, he led his water-buffalo to the field. In the month of July there was heavy rain and because of this the mud in the field was soft and sticky. The buffalo was up…

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Nine Challenges Facing Young People in Syria.

For over nine years, violence and displacement have devastated opportunities for youth across the country. Here are nine of the most pressing challenges facing young people in Syria today. 1. Damaged schools. School buildings across Syria have not been shielded from the conflict. Many classrooms have been severely damaged and, in some cases, only rubble…

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Pope Francis. Listen to the call to mission.

This year World Mission Day will be celebrated on Sunday, 18 October. In his message, Pope Francis writes: “The missionary journey of the whole Church continues in light of the words found in the account of the calling of the prophet Isaiah: “Here am I, send me” (6:8), A synthesis of his message. Il his…

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Cameroon. Football versus alcohol.

A soccer championship is useful in order to keep hundreds of young people of the Baka ethnic group in Cameroon far away from alcohol consumption. The sun is going down in the town of Mintom, in southern Cameroon, one of the regions of Central Africa with the highest concentration of pygmy population. The sky is…

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Lost for Words.

To save biodiversity, we must save human diversity. Many Indigenous languages are 'dying out'. What is not often discussed, however, is the fact that the languages…

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Her Great Dream.

On the heights of a remote village at the bottom of a valley lived a melancholic girl who had not known her parents, who had died…

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Youth & Mission

Iran. Young Generation: “We want to be free”.

The current Iranian Revolution is entering its fourth month, with people all over Iran protesting. Iran’s Gen Z is leading the charge as the loudest voice…

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