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2018: An Entire Year Of European Cultural Heritage.

Questions about the merits of the common market are well under way, but the European institutions are keen to ensure that Europe’s cultural heritage is celebrated.  Why a Year of European Cultural Heritage? There is no doubt that we benefit from affordable prices of goods and services, but negative side effects of a common market…

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Colombia. So Many Questions To Be Answered.

The signing of the Havana Peace Accords between the Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) on 24 November 2016 is the cornerstone of reconciliation and the starting point for every possible evolution. But also this historic agreement has created divisions in all sectors of society, confirming that the road to true peace…

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South Africa. The Lost Legacy Of Oliver Tambo.

Tambo was an exemplary servant leader, one who took charge not for his or her own advancement or glorification, but for the good of those who looked to him or her for direction and guidance. October 27th this year will be the centenary of the birth of Oliver Reginald Tambo, the longest-serving President of the…

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China. Behind the military base in Djibouti.

The Chinese-built Doraleh port in Djibouti, adds a new dimension to China’s role in the most tangible of ways: an adjacent military base, which represents Beijing’s first permanent overseas installation and may bring an end to its long-held policy of “non-intervention” across the African continent, from the Horn of Africa to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).…

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Djibouti. A Chinese geopolitical game.

The People’s Republic of China has inaugurated its first military base overseas in the Republic of Djibouti. The project further cements Beijing’s interest in the African continent, and exemplifies how the latter continues to be utilized as part of a geopolitical game of influences by global military powers. Beijing has stated that the base will…

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War In The Sahel.

Although the plan to deploy a West African troop contingent, called the G5 Sahel Joint Force, presents an opportunity to improve much-needed cooperation among the Sahel countries, it will not be a game-changer in the fight against the persistent security challenges in the region. Yet, without adequate financial and logistical support from the United Nations…

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Asia. The Rising Sun Looks Towards India.

Tokyo’s response to the “One Belt, One Road Initiative” (OBOR), the Panasian economical and infrastructural project promoted by Peking: Japan Infrastructure Initiative. How wide is its scope?  While, since last May, the attention of the international media has been focussed on the Belt and Road Forum of Peking attended by as many as 29 heads…

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Libya. Duel between Russia and the United States.

The Kremlin is relying on General Khalifa Haftar to gain a foothold in Libya. It is playing the terrorism card but is thinking of oil control and a naval base. The cold war continues between the United States and Russia. This time the proxy battlefield is Libya, a former ally of what was then the…

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The Destruction of Forests.

The world’s forests are being degraded and lost at a staggering rate of 3.3 million hectares per year. While their steady destruction in many Asian countries continues apace, deforestation of the world’s largest tropical forest – the Amazon – increased 29 per cent from last year’s numbers. And some of the most precious ecosystems in…

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Southeast Asia. Dangerously silent on Rohingya crisis.

Myanmar’s spiralling onslaught of the ethnic minority group is glaringly absent from the regional grouping’s agenda, despite rising political, security and economic risks. On April 26, Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) leaders convened a summit where they discussed “an integrated, peaceful, stable and resilient Asean Community.” One day prior to the high level meeting,…

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A first step in the fight against conflict minerals

On 3 April 2017, the European Council formally adopted a regulation on the responsible supply of minerals which had previously been approved by the European Parliament on 16 March 2017.  The objective of this legislation is to put an end to the financing of armed groups through the trading of so-called conflict minerals. The origin…

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Justice, Peace And Liberty.

On May 4th 1976 Paul VI named as auxiliary bishop of Newark (New Jersey - US) Joseph A. Francis. He was the forth black catholic…

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The Crocodile And The Cockerel.

Once upon a time, the crocodile was king of the animals. He was holding court one day. He sat majestically on his throne as he received…

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Youth & Mission

African Young People As Peacebuilders.

Violent conflicts are prevalent in African countries with large youth populations such as Mali, Central African Republic and Somalia. In some instances, young people contribute to…

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