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Europe. The New Interest For Africa?

The German Federal Government did not show much interest in African affairs in the period after World War II and preferred to leave Africa to the French and the English who had much closer connections to their former colonies. One exception was Horst Köhler. As President of the Republic, he frequently travelled to Africa, brought…

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Nicaragua’s Channel Future.

The channel aims to be the most ambitious project in the history of Nicaragua and the largest to be developed in Latin America, after the construction of the Panama Canal. The Chinese telecommunications entrepreneur Wang Jing announced an investment of 40,000 million dollars, almost four times the GDP of Nicaragua. The plan is to build…

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Bangladesh. At The Roots Of Islamist Extremism.

“Here in Bangladesh the factors which drive Jihadist recruitment and mobilisation are multiple. The processes of Islamist radicalisation have historical roots which must be taken into consideration and which exceed the connection poverty-extremism”. Shahab Enam Khan, docent in international relations at Jahangimagar University in Dacca and a member of the Enterprise Institute, has completed an extensive…

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Cameroon. Risk Of Secession.

The crisis in the western provinces of Cameroon comes as no surprise. For years it was known that the English speaking peoples in this area were dissatisfied and felt marginalised by the central government. This malcontent was known and it was feared that sooner or later it would explode. Probably the central government in Yaounde…

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Challenges Of The Post Cotonou Agreement 2020.

The economic relations between the European Union (EU) and African (and other Caribbean and Pacific – ACP) countries have been framed in different legal agreements since the end of colonization. In 1975, the Lomé Convention established asymmetric economic relations by which the European countries opened their borders to African countries for their raw materials and…

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Venezuela. Violence and Insecurity

For months Venezuela has experienced a crisis so serious that even the international community is in alert. Scarcity of food and medicines as well as a marked fall in the quality of life of its people are among the nation’s numerous difficulties. Another concerning phenomena is the total lack of security for Venezuelans. The Venezuelan NGO…

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2018: An Entire Year Of European Cultural Heritage.

Questions about the merits of the common market are well under way, but the European institutions are keen to ensure that Europe’s cultural heritage is celebrated.  Why a Year of European Cultural Heritage? There is no doubt that we benefit from affordable prices of goods and services, but negative side effects of a common market…

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Colombia. So Many Questions To Be Answered.

The signing of the Havana Peace Accords between the Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) on 24 November 2016 is the cornerstone of reconciliation and the starting point for every possible evolution. But also this historic agreement has created divisions in all sectors of society, confirming that the road to true peace…

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South Africa. The Lost Legacy Of Oliver Tambo.

Tambo was an exemplary servant leader, one who took charge not for his or her own advancement or glorification, but for the good of those who looked to him or her for direction and guidance. October 27th this year will be the centenary of the birth of Oliver Reginald Tambo, the longest-serving President of the…

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China. Behind the military base in Djibouti.

The Chinese-built Doraleh port in Djibouti, adds a new dimension to China’s role in the most tangible of ways: an adjacent military base, which represents Beijing’s first permanent overseas installation and may bring an end to its long-held policy of “non-intervention” across the African continent, from the Horn of Africa to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).…

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Djibouti. A Chinese geopolitical game.

The People’s Republic of China has inaugurated its first military base overseas in the Republic of Djibouti. The project further cements Beijing’s interest in the African continent, and exemplifies how the latter continues to be utilized as part of a geopolitical game of influences by global military powers. Beijing has stated that the base will…

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USA. Montclair Sanctuary Alliance

Bnai Keshet is a Jewish community founded in 1978, and at the same time a Synagogue. It defines itself as representative of the broader community:…

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Tanzania/Maasai. The Woman Of The Oxen.

The Maasai have a saying: “you cannot touch what belongs to a woman”. Indeed, the Maasai – who live in a patriarchal society – are nonetheless…

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Youth & Mission

Sudan. Young People For Peace and Non-Violence Action.

A Sudanese University student Fatah Elalim brought back lessons to his community in Sudan’s Western Kordofan State, about dialogue as a way to transform local conflicts…

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