Philippines. The Killing Fields.

As the bloody campaign against illegal drugs and crime continues under the present administration, the Catholic Church in the Philippines responds by establishing community-based drug rehabilitation programs, caring for the victims and parents, strengthening the defence and the culture of human rights. Not since the Marcos dictatorship has human life in the Philippines been so…

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Asia 2018. In The Shadow Of Kim.

If on the one hand Asia looks forward to 2018 with confidence, on the other there are signs of crisis both in the form of the slowing down and restructuring of the economy in several countries and tensions in the Korean peninsula and elsewhere. Sustained growth in the entire region will again be led most…

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Cardinal Tagle: “Every Human Encounter Is A Possible Mission”.

A mission in continual transformation. The commitment to proclaim truth and justice. Migrants as witnesses to the Gospel. We talked with Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila. What sort of mission is possible today? I believe the answer to this question is to be found on two different levels. Firstly: the mission is always…

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Philippines. Bringing Healthcare To The Mountain.

Sr. Eva Maamo and her team of doctors at the Foundation of Our Lady of Peace Mission Inc. (FOLPMI) go to the mountains to serve indigenous communities. “All we need is to inspire and encourage them to discover their talents and skills to be able to survive on their own”. A mission trip to Surallah…

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‘Unity In Diversity’.

As an archipelago of 17,000 islands, the geographical and cultural bridge between the Far East and southern Asia and from there towards the Middle Eastern world, the link-country between the Asian world and that of the Pacific, in its meeting and amalgamation of culture, trade and ideologies, possesses an essential element. Indonesia still possesses the…

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Indonesia. A Country In Transition.

The vast Indonesian archipelago shows all the signs of possibly becoming the next ‘Asian miracle’. A large population (260 million) that is slowly but surely developing culturally and opening up to global commitments; immense resources to be administered despite the difficulty of maintaining a balance between exploitation and protecting the environment; its geographic position and…

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Economic Turbulence.

The economic future of this populous south-east Asian country is increasingly ambivalent. On the one hand it is becoming regional with its presently limited integration of customs, commerce and finance with the other nine ASEAN countries which, up to 2015, called itself an integrated economic community.  On the other, it is pursuing its own developmental…

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Catholic Church. In search Of A Shared Life.

The catholic faith, originally brought by the Portuguese, went through Dutch persecution and through varying phases as regards its presence and evangelisation and today plays a role certainly greater in importance than its numbers would suggest. Its participation in the social development of the country is concrete as is its influence through educational institutions and…

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East Timor. Stability is a long way.

There were eight candidates but just one outsider who figured in the election campaign for the referendum on19 March 2017 to have a new president (the sixth) in the small republic of East Timor, the second Catholic stronghold in Asia after the Philippines. Suspended between Asia and Oceania and, even more so by its uncertain…

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The church with the people.

A colonial inheritance and a strong identifying factor, the Catholic religion has perhaps been the true cohesive factor in the history of the Timorese and its role as well as its prestige were evidenced in the darkest times of modern history when the Church was tolerated by the Indonesian power but many of its exponents…

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A variety of languages and cultures.

At 500 Km from the coast of northern Australia, East Timor, though limited in extent, has a broad variety of languages and cultures. This is a diversity that not even the long period of Portuguese dominion (1702–1974 regarding its government, preceded by an active presence since 1515) could affect. Even though the rival British and…

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The past remains in the memory.

On 20 May, the Democratic Republic of East Timor marked the fifteenth anniversary of its birth. A third period of five years of complete independence had, for the first time, been completed.  In January 2013, the tiny State of East Timor entered a new phase without the armed tutelage of the international community. The tutelage…

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The Unaccepted Advocacy Precursors.

The tenure of agricultural land is at the core of many disputes and advocacy actions nowadays. The common lands tenure is foreseen as the only way…

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How The Stars Were Born.

One day, two friends named Ebopp and Mbaw went off in search of a good site to establish a farm with fine fields of grain and peanuts. …

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Youth & Mission

Pope Francis. Young People, “Important Responsibility Inside The Church”.

In his message for the next World Youth Day, of March 25th ,the Pope called upon young people not to be closed in the digital rationale…

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