To live with a goal and purpose, is to live fully

We are human because we can think,
Can choose the good reject the bad,
Know the difference between right and wrong,
We can love others unselfishly we can sing a song,
Write a poem, Can be happy and be sad.

To live a life of value is to have a conscience clean
Follow it whatever the challenge or temptation,
Follow a worthy dream,
To be honest and pure of heart, with passion for the good,
Love of friendship, and for justice and for the poor and we should.
Be faithful to our family, friends never to part, never to betray,
Abandon or to stray.

Be a person of integrity, honest, a lover of the truth
Share with others, more than just ourselves,
Unselfish in all we do, eternal goodness is our root.
Never lie or cheat, steal or hurt another,
Respect, preserve, and cherish all of nature
Like a loving sister and a brother,
Care for others without reward or pay,
And know that life will quickly end, the ending our day.

Then all our wealth, dreams, hopes, possessions will be flogged
Power and influence is extinguished, ending our earthly song.
Our Facebook and Twitter no more opened, no more logged,
Who will truly weep and mourn when our life has ended and we are gone?

If we have lived with propose, pure and true
Our spirit will survive and live again anew
In those we loved and have inspired,
We will have lived a worthwhile life true and bright
And leave behind every hour and day and chance
To radiate the goodness and the light.

New Year 2015


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