Southworld renews itself – ‘Keep walking’

An African proverb says, “Walking reduces distances, not resting”. We of Southworld are constantly committed to walking with the south world’s peoples, since we are deeply convinced that getting to know others helps understanding, reduces distances and eliminates mistrust and prejudice.

It’s been four years since Southworld’s first online issue was published. From the very beginning, in January 2010, we wanted to be an alternative voice among major media. A voice that could make room for ‘many voices’ coming from emerging countries. Over the years, Southworld has carved out its own space, becoming a reference site in the information scenario, where priority is given to the news regarding the south of the world.’Walking’ is the key concept, Southworld is not simply restyling itself, but it is moving forward according to a new concept of information that is more attentive to events that actively involve us.


First of all, we have decided to give a more particular meaning to the headline by adding the subtitle: “News & Views from emerging countries”. This is the key issue of the site: the peoples from the south of the world as protagonists of their own history and paths.
As they scroll down the site, readers can find in-depth features in News & Analysis.
We of Southworld are committed to putting news in a broader political context, for a deeper understanding of events.
The dossier presents a topic from multiple points of view, trying to give a comprehensive picture and suggesting other possible research paths.
Churches are another essential topic in Southworld. We have always paid particular attention to the young African churches and their path towards the inculturation of the Gospel; we have always made our support for the churches in Latin America felt, as they try to become liberated from different forms of oppression; we are also close to the Asian churches by understanding and finding a meeting point with the great Eastern religions. Furthermore the Southworld articles have always highlighted how the European church is increasingly committed to offering migrants hospitality, as well as its concern for the ‘new poverty’, and its criticism of economic policies implemented at the expense of the developing countries and, finally, its efforts to find new forms of evangelization.
Another crucial topic in our web magazine is the work of the Church to enhance the dialogue with Islam.The articles about cultures are not aimed at simply recalling customs and traditions, but their goal is rediscovering the past to shape the future.

The ‘Newness’ that advances

The most remarkable ‘newness’ is Breaking News which is now constantly updated. Southworld will provide daily news in collaboration with other agencies, to allow its readers to be constantly in touch with multiple realities.
The newsletter will promote direct contact with readers and will keep them constantly up-to-date with the activities, initiatives and proposals of Southworld.
Needless to say we could not remain outside the great social media world; we are on Facebook and Twitter, where we create communities with readers. Being on the social media means knocking down the we/they wall and being open to listening.
Opinions and comments. Not only information but also the opportunity to listen to opinion-makers in their assessment of the facts.
Youth and Mission. We look to the future. We believe that young people can make choices for an unwavering commitment to the mission. A space open to suggestions and initiatives of young people on their way to the mission.
The photo gallery allows us to tell stories by using photographs. A photo contains a lot of words, it can make people reflect and react.
With regard to Advocacy, we want to underline that the announcement of ‘good news’ often follows concrete and targeted actions. Missionaries operate in many areas of the world and in different situations where making their voice heard is essential, sometimes even on the occasion of meetings organized by important organizations (the UN, EU, African Union, Organization of American States).
We will inform readers about missionaries’ engagement in advocacy activities aimed at making the voice of those living on the margins of society heard.
Emerging countries offer great collections of oral literature. We are willing to listen, in baobab’s shadow, to the stories and the proverbs of these peoples and to learn more about their great cultural heritage.
Southworld is going to be all this, and perhaps something more also. An African proverb says: “If you want to walk far, walk together”. A challenge and a proposal.

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