Love & Friendship

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Where love is, night will never fall (Rundi-Burundi). Love is like a serious illness (Mongo-DR.Congo): very difficult to recover. Love consequences are far from the eyes but near the heart (Popo-Togo). Love is at the base of many things: Love generates praises, hate, and gossip (Mongo-DR Congo). At times, it ought not to be encouraged: To put out the fire of the heart, it is advisable to prevent it (Bemba-Zambia); The heart is like a goat, it must be tied up (Sotho-Lesotho). How is it born? Often from very simple things: Love and hatred are born from the beer (Rundi-Burundi). Love is the mainspring of extraordinary things: You cannot advise a. man in love with a woman (Maasai-Tanzania); Love cuts distances: There are no thorns on the road that leads to your beloved (Douala-Cameroon); It is a short way in the forest, if you love the people you are going to visit (Mongo-DR.Congo). Love is a precious thing and rare. That can lead to bitter considerations: Those who loved are dead, only the quarrelsome remain. (Mongo-DR.Congo); If you love, you will spit out liver and bile (Malagasy-Madagascar). Love unites people: The people sailing in the same boat share the goal (Wolof-Senegal). Love demands more than just words (Malagasy-Madagascar); Sacrifice is the proof of love (Ewé-Togo); When there is no jealousy, five men can sleep on a hare skin (Rundi-Burundi); When people love each other, do not hide their nakedness (Mongo-DR.Congo): there are no secrets. Love may come to an end: Hot water does not remain hot for ever (Tonga-Zambia). I love you, but not more than I love myself (Maasai-Tanzania). Love asks to make up for any harm done: If you have hit your brother, ask him where you hurt him (Samburu-Kenya).

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If you have no friends, you are really poor (Somali-Somalia). Friendship is spontaneous: Friendship is like mushrooms, you cannot force them (Luganda-Uganda). Friendship is above every other human sentiment: A good company is better than a good meal (Luo-Kenya). A friend would do the impossible: A real friend has tears for you, even if his eyes are lifeless (Rundi-Burundi). Friendship is courteous; Don ‘t meet a friend without greeting him (Samburu-Kenya). True friends must meet: To say “please, remember me to him”, is not the same as meeting him (Rundi-Burundi); Your feet will make you brothers (Ewé-Togo). Ties grow stronger when seeing each other: Friendship is like a track on the sand; it vanishes if not continuously re-done (Douala-Cameroon). Friendship is easier between people much alike: Rarely a weak person associates with a strong one (Luo-Kenya); Rats and snakes do not agree (Ambede-Gabon). How do we tell a true friend from a false one? Open your eyes! If you don ‘t choose your friends with care, you may be in for a big disappointment (Ewé-Togo): in fact It may happen that the friend you cherish most, will make you sink (Logbara-Uganda); We must lean to choose our friends: A devil you know is better than an angel you don ‘t know (Tigrigna-Eritrea); Pretend to be dead and see who will cry for you (Mongo-DR.Congo); A friend is known in misfortune (Yoruba-Nigeria); Where food is free, many will come (Yoruba-Nigeria); Many friends may empty your pockets (Kikuyu-Kenya). If you can, make some powerful friend: If you walk with an elephant, the dew will not bother you (Baoule-Cameroon). To kill a friend is easy, but to find another is a lot more difficult (Malinke-Mali). A sincere enemy is better than a false friend (Bambara-Mali). A friendship through the stomach will never die (Mongo-DR.Congo), meaning that if you feed a hungry person, that person will never forget. (N.C.)


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