News July 2017

Ukraine. The Forgotten War.

The military crisis between the government and pro-Russian militia is still producing tensions. But we mustn’t forget the human victims and serious humanitarian consequences. The most desperate living conditions in the eastern regions along the shared border. More than three years after the start of the conflict, the battles and clashes, resumed in October 2016…

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The North Africa fight between AQIM and IS.

North Africa is one of the battlefields of the fight between the two major organizations within the jihadist galaxy, Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS). Al Qaeda’s branch, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is prevailing but IS cells are still dangerous. Since the beginning of 2017, the most relevant news related with…

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Qatar Will Not Give in to Saudi Demands.

Qatar’s efforts to find a way to live in harmony with Iran was the drop that overflowed the pot of Persian Gulf geopolitics. The Gulf monarchies have rejected any rapprochement between Qatar and Iran. That is why they have imposed a blockade against Qatar. On June 5, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and…

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Cameroon. The troublesome “Anglophone problem”.

Since November, a series of strikes and demonstrations in Cameroon have been affecting the North-east and South-West Anglophone regions. So far, the response of long-term president Paul Biya has been one of repression. At present, an ad hoc committee for a bilingual and multicultural society promises to resolve the persistent problem, assuring equality between Francophone…

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SDGs advocacy from UN to the Grassroots.

In 2000, the United Nations (UN) held a Millennium Summit and in its Millennium Declaration adopted the eight international Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to be achieved by 2015.…

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The Lion, Jackal and Man

It so happened one day that Lion and Jackal came together to converse on affairs of land and state. Jackal, let me say, was the most…

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Youth & Mission

Young People. The Voice of the Planet.

The students are on the streets, waving banners, banging drums, singing, chanting, and calling for an end to the causes driving climate change that is wrecking…

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