Dossier October 2015

Between history and current events

In the past, Laos has long had a major influence in the whole complex Indochinese mosaic with kingdoms located in areas crucial to the control of the Mekong and areas considered central to local cultures and the spread of Buddhism. In times like today it is under the constant threat of warlike neighbours, Khmer, Thai,…

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Laotian Economy

Research in the development and maintenance of ecological balance, modern and traditional ways of life, independence and increasing foreign influence, socialist and democratic demands the deep dualism of Laos also extends to its two largest cities: busy and modern with more ambitions than Vientiane excesses, that from a dusty plain overlooking the banks of the…

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Laos. A country teetering on its own future

It is a country on the fringes both of the news and the development of Asia, seemingly forgotten by history and yet history itself, that of the Indo-Chinese conflict, in particular, remains a strong and somewhat cumbersome legacy in many respects. Inhabited by seven million people of many ethnic groups but mostly Lao, with an…

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Faiths and Christianity

The sentencing of five Christians by a provincial court in February was met with harsh criticism from local and international organizations for human rights. The five ended up in jail for nine months for ‘illegal medical practices’ because they prayed – at her request – for the health of a woman near death. As evidenced…

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SDGs advocacy from UN to the Grassroots.

In 2000, the United Nations (UN) held a Millennium Summit and in its Millennium Declaration adopted the eight international Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to be achieved by 2015.…

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The Lion, Jackal and Man

It so happened one day that Lion and Jackal came together to converse on affairs of land and state. Jackal, let me say, was the most…

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Youth & Mission

Young People. The Voice of the Planet.

The students are on the streets, waving banners, banging drums, singing, chanting, and calling for an end to the causes driving climate change that is wrecking…

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