Dossier February 2015

Swahili, Hausa, Arabic languages

Among the African languages, Swahili is certainly the best known outside the continent. Until recently it was believed Swahili was a constructed language created by Arab and Persian merchants who have visited the east coast of Africa since ancient times (Swahili derives from sawahil, the coast). It is known that much of the Swahili vocabulary…

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African language policies

After independence, a good number of African countries opted for the colonizer’s idiom as the official language of the nation. This became also the official language of learning. Tanzania took another direction. At independence, it chose Swahili as the official language and language of learning. In Kenya, where English is the official language and Swahili…

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Lingala, a resounding language

Lingala, a Bantu language also known as mangala, was originally used by the people living on the banks of the Congo river and by smugglers, mainly between Mankanza and Mobeka and in the triangle marked by the Congo and Oubangi rivers. In this area, among many others, lived groups such as the Banunu-Bobangi, Lomongo, Mangala,…

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African Languages in a time of globalization

In Africa, there is a large number of languages, about 2,000, practically 30% of the languages spoken in the world. African languages have been classified in various ways. A generally accepted classification defines four main groups of interrelated languages. Afro-Asian. This group covers about 200 languages, with some 175 million speakers and occupies most of…

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Widen the horizon of Empowered Women.

Concluding the Special Synod of Bishops on the Amazon, Pope Francis in his homily said with a witty remark that the final document speaking of…

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Hare and the Hyena.

0ne day, a long time ago when there was a famine in a certain part of Africa, Hare met Hyena. “How thin you are looking,” said…

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Youth & Mission

Young Indios: “The world must listen to us”.

During the Synod for Amazonia, we heard stories of young Indios who struggle against environmental exploitation, in recognition of their own identity, and they want to…

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