Churches August 2016

Philippines. Fighting together

A group of religious from different congregations oppose, even at risk of their life, the indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources and the violations of tribal rights. Sister Famita Somogod of the Missionary Sisters of Mary, 48, has been aware of risking her life every day since when she became coordinator of the Rural Missionaries’ project…

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Brazil. Committed to helping young people

Spreading the culture of life to realities of violence and death. This is the goal of the Legal Project. Father Saverio Paolillo, a supporter of this initiative, talks to us about it. Gabriel, one of our children, looks 12, but we don’t know his real age since his birth was never officially recorded. He used…

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World Council of Churches. Towards a missionary ecumenical movement.

The World Council of Churches (WCC) has chosen Africa for the next World Mission Conference to be held in Arusha, Tanzania, 8-13 March 2018. One of the goals is the establishment of a missionary ecumenical movement. After sixty years Africa will once again host the World Mission Conference, the most relevant ecumenical event on the…

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The martyrs of Laudato sì

One year after the publication of Pope Francis’ environment Encyclical Laudato sì (“Praised be you”), many environmentalist leaders have been murdered throughout the planet. The last one was killed last 2 July in Honduras. Just a little over two months after the publication of the Encyclical, Raimundo dos Santos Rodrigues was killed on 25 August…

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Emigration and the Young African.

Advocacy is about politics and change, values and beliefs, consciousness and knowledge. It is about building democratic organizations and expanding citizens’ skills to understand how…

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Hare and the Corn Bins.

In the old days, all the animals used to make farms like men do today. They hoed the ground, planted the seed, harvested the grain and…

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Youth & Mission

Five Ways To Reduce Our Reliance On Plastic.

Plastic is so prevalent in our lives that we don’t even notice it anymore. It is convenient. It is cheap. It is ubiquitous. The unfortunate truth…

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