Can We Address The Climate Change? Yes, We Can.

Money is what hurts the most. Popovic, the founder of Otpor (Enough), a student movement that played a key role in toppling Serbian dictator Slobodan Milosevic, in 2004 created the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS).

In his Blueprint for revolution, a book that Popovic has just presented at the Freedom Forum in Oslo, he presents a Decalogue to attain victory by peaceful protests. Between one tactic and another, Popovic recommends, “to find the one that signifies a major economic loss” to the power whom the protest is against, coming out with a classic example of the Montgomery bus boycott (Alabama, United States).

He notes, “The action could equally have been realized in public toilets, but the fact of not using buses led to an important economic loss.” Nowadays, civil society wants use such a tactic to bind public powers to address climate change. Therefore, ten families are suing the EU for not taking realistic action against climate change. On August 13, 2018, the Court of the European Union agreed to examine the case.

Global warming goes beyond national borders. Farmers predict that heat will affect summer’s harvest and cities will struggle to prevent their trees from dying. Some people will lose their homes in fires,
and an increase in heat-related deaths is predicted. The elderly and the sick will suffer the most.

The death toll in the only Europe from climate disasters would increase by 50 by the end of the 21st century. Currently, 3,000 people die every year from heat wave, but this figure could rise to 150,000 per year by 2100. People’s Climate Case lawyers have collected 5,000 pages of evidence to show that if the EU does not take sufficient and necessary action, promptly and with determination, these are only a glimpse of what lies ahead if this phenomenon is not stemmed.

The People’s Climate Case is a lawsuit brought by families from Portugal, Germany, France, Italy, Romania, Kenya, Fiji, and from Sáminuorra, a Swedish Sami youth association. This lawsuit to the EU institutions aiming to curb the actual dangerous climate change, an open letter of solidarity has been launched. Almost 110,000 citizens from all over Europe have signed it.

The intent is to have the European Union Council and Parliament hearing the voices of their peoples and the people’s testimonies like one of Giorgio Elter. He lives in a small village in the Italian Alps and produces local organic foods. He has been witnessing that regional plants no longer flower, or do too early, in the mountain. He feels directly involved in this trial: “This legal action is very important. Our decision makers must understand that it is imperative to act radically before it is too late.” Here the letter and how to sign it.

John Paul Pezzi, mccj
VIVAT International NGO,
with consultative special status at UN



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