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The Church Raises the Voice.

Since independence, the Church has been somewhat close to the MPLA, although it has always opposed civil war and worked for reconciliation. A turning point in relations between the Church and the MPLA took place in 2015 when protesters who supported the activists of the Angolan Political Prisoner Support Group tried to gather on the…

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Guatemala. Tana’s Sandals.

She never once bought an ice cream. She never had a day off. She has always worked. But she wants to celebrate her birthday. A Guatemalan migrant struggles to live and survive. She looks at her fingers and hands chapped by 24 years spent cleaning restaurants and shopping malls with chemical cleaners. Originally from Camotán,…

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Unpredictable Elections.

The result of next August’s elections cannot be taken for granted. About 14 million Angolans will be called to choose the president of the republic and their parliamentary representatives for the next five years. It is estimated that at least a fifth of the young voters will go to the polls for the first time;…

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Algeria. Brotherhood Is the New Frontier of Humanity.

The Mediterranean as a meeting place. Brotherhood as a sign of life. The canonization of Charles de Foucauld. The new archbishop of Algiers, Msgr. Jean-Paul Vesco speaks to us. From the terrace of his office, he sees this large blue expanse where one’s gaze is lost in the distance. This great sea, the Mediterranean. He…

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Herbs & Plants. Cola Acuminata. The Beverage Flavouring Plant.

It is an evergreen tree, native to tropical Africa especially West Africa. It usually grows to an average of about 13-20 meters in height with a diameter of about 50 cm. The plant produces a star-shaped fruit which contains between 2-5 kola nuts. About the size of a chestnut, this little fruit is packed with…

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Africa. “Our social commitment”.

Three young African women from different backgrounds recount the story of their social commitment as they become a reference point for many African women. The personal and professional future of Kamil Ahmed, born in Somalia in 1999, depends on the government of Kenya, which announced the closure by 2022 of the refugee camps of Kakuma…

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Africa. African Art. Recovering Its Own Story.

At least 90% of African cultural heritage is currently outside the continent, mainly in European museums. But a recent campaign for the repatriation of African art is helping to make restitution of looted artefacts a reality and finally restore heritage to the African cultures that made them. The debate about the return of valuable historical…

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Mission. Our Life with Our People.

Three Comboni Missionaries talk about their missionary experience. My name is Gédéon Ngunza Mboma from Democratic Republic of Congo. For the last eleven years, as a missionary Brother I have been working with young people at Comboni Technical College (CTC) in Malawi. The CTC is a Catholic technical school open to young people of all…

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Mexico. The people of the sacred rains.

The people of the rain, Ñuu Savi, in the Nahuati language of the Mestizos, live in the states of Oaxaca, Puebla and Guerrero in central-southern Mexico. To the present day, they have persisted with their daily practices, their forms of social organisation, their language, health system, respect for nature and their religiosity in their view…

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Angola. A Country and Its Contradictions.

In the African context, Angola, a country with a population of over 33 million inhabitants, has always represented in one a mirage and a contradiction: the mirage of overflowing riches from oil and diamonds but also a contradiction due to the poverty of its peoples. War has always been the master: from 1961 to 1975…

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Lost for Words.

To save biodiversity, we must save human diversity. Many Indigenous languages are 'dying out'. What is not often discussed, however, is the fact that the languages…

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Her Great Dream.

On the heights of a remote village at the bottom of a valley lived a melancholic girl who had not known her parents, who had died…

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Youth & Mission

Iran. Young Generation: “We want to be free”.

The current Iranian Revolution is entering its fourth month, with people all over Iran protesting. Iran’s Gen Z is leading the charge as the loudest voice…

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