Monthly Archives: January 2021

Asia. 2021. Uncertainties and ambiguities.

How to confront the consequences of Covid-19 as they affect the countries of Asia. China will continue its domination on the various international chessboards. India joins the Security Council. Meanwhile, the Olympics are to be held in Japan. The management of the first phases of the epidemic and the ambiguity that followed it concerning the…

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East Africa. Lake Victoria, a threatened wonder.

Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest freshwater surface and a touristic marvel for its fauna, its landscapes and its rock art paintings and a large provider of food and water for the riparian populations is under threat by pollution, overfishing and climate change. In many ways, Lake Victoria is a jewel of Creation. The Lake which was…

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Africa 2021. Security and Elections.

Clouds appear on the horizon in Sahel and forthcoming elections in several parts of the continent may contribute alongside with the economic crisis aggravated by the Covid 19 pandemic to raise tensions. The deteriorating security situation in the Sahel region and more particularly in Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger is the main concern in West…

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Comboni Lay Missionaries. Getting involved.

It is more than 30 years since the Comboni Family has been enriched by the presence of lay people, both single and married who decide to dedicate a period of their lives to work in the mission. Alberto de la Portillas, the general coordinator of the Comboni Lay Missionaries explains  what it is about. The…

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India. Experiencing Silence in India’s Ashrams.

A Dominican friar shares his experience of spending his yearly vacation in an ashram in India. Under the guidance of a guru and following an exigent daily schedule, the retreatants embark on an inner pilgrimage of contemplation and self-knowledge. One of my habits, which fortunately I have been able to practice recently, is to spend…

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Herbs & Plants. Psorospermum febrifugum Spach. A medicinal plant for skin diseases.

Medicinal plants continue to play vital roles in primary health systems globally. A number of plants have the ability to synthesize a wide variety of vital phytochemical  compounds  as  secondary  metabolites that have the ability to effectively treat various ailments affecting mankind. One of such potent medicinal plants is Psorospermum febrifugum Spach (Hypericaceae Family} which…

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Ethiopia. The Guji. A people in transformation.

The Guji are an ethnic group of southern Ethiopia. They belong to the great family of the Oromo. Traditionally semi-nomadic, today they live more from agriculture than cattle-raising. A glance at some aspects of their life and culture. They are around five million people scattered around the most southerly area of the immense territory called…

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Middle East and North Africa 2021. COVID-19 and Oil.

Socio-economic tensions rise but the COVID Pandemic buys time for governments under pressure. Tension between Ankara and Cairo. There are two lenses through which to frame prospects for the Middle East in 2021: the results of the U.S. election and the Abraham Accords that established the framework for diplomatic relations between Israel and the Persian…

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Bolivia. Water: source of life in the Andean Pacha.

The Andean peoples preserve their ancient wisdoms with great care in order to lead a good life. Wisdoms that have been transmitted for hundreds and thousands of years. The wisdom of water. We Andean people consider our Pachamama as the Mother of  the universe, as the Mother of the Pacha. The name Pachamama is made…

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Lost for Words.

To save biodiversity, we must save human diversity. Many Indigenous languages are 'dying out'. What is not often discussed, however, is the fact that the languages…

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Her Great Dream.

On the heights of a remote village at the bottom of a valley lived a melancholic girl who had not known her parents, who had died…

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Youth & Mission

Iran. Young Generation: “We want to be free”.

The current Iranian Revolution is entering its fourth month, with people all over Iran protesting. Iran’s Gen Z is leading the charge as the loudest voice…

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