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South Sudan. Education to change a country.

A country in search of peace. A secondary school in Juba is trying to provide concrete answers. A city that formed on the left bank of the White Nile, about a hundred kilometres from the Ugandan border, Juba has been, since the eighteen hundreds, the principal city in the South of Sudan, a vast region…

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Taizé. A parable of the community

How does the Ecumenical Community of Taizé plan to promote social development in Europe and in the world and how can it help to face the challenges of today? An answer from Brother Aloïs Löser, prior of Taizé Every life consecrated to the service of God and neighbour is a parable. A parable does not…

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Ecuador. Ancient culture and tradition in a hat.

The ‘toquilla’ straw hat is a fine example of the history, skill and identity of the Ecuadorean people. It is popularly known the world over, the Panama Hat. The  reason why it was known as the ‘Panama hat’ goes back to the time of the  construction of the Panama Canal which caused a great demand…

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Libya. Duel between Russia and the United States.

The Kremlin is relying on General Khalifa Haftar to gain a foothold in Libya. It is playing the terrorism card but is thinking of oil control and a naval base. The cold war continues between the United States and Russia. This time the proxy battlefield is Libya, a former ally of what was then the…

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Kenya/Maasai. The Enkipaata Ceremony

There are two types of enkipaata, a ceremony before circumcision, one for boys and one for warriors. After the ceremony of Enturoroto e motonyi, the boys wait for four years, or as long as their godfather-group wants them to stay, before they have their first enkipaata dance. And only when the godfather-group wants to hold…

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Portugal. Comboni Missionaries, 70 years of active presence.

This year, the Comboni Missionaries are celebrating seventy years of their presence in Portugal. An Institute that is born and grows in response to the new challenges of mission in that country and in the world. They first went to Portugal in 1947. The decision to initiate this new presence in Europe had already been…

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Ukraine. The Forgotten War.

The military crisis between the government and pro-Russian militia is still producing tensions. But we mustn’t forget the human victims and serious humanitarian consequences. The most desperate living conditions in the eastern regions along the shared border. More than three years after the start of the conflict, the battles and clashes, resumed in October 2016…

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The North Africa fight between AQIM and IS.

North Africa is one of the battlefields of the fight between the two major organizations within the jihadist galaxy, Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS). Al Qaeda’s branch, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) is prevailing but IS cells are still dangerous. Since the beginning of 2017, the most relevant news related with…

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Mexico. The Mesoamerican Ball Game.

Archaeologists have identified more than 1,500 ball courts to date. These prehistoric buildings that were specifically created for the practice of the Mesoamerican ball game show that this game is a thousand-year old form of sport. But it was more than just a game, it also played a ritual, political and economic role among Mesoamerican…

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Qatar Will Not Give in to Saudi Demands.

Qatar’s efforts to find a way to live in harmony with Iran was the drop that overflowed the pot of Persian Gulf geopolitics. The Gulf monarchies have rejected any rapprochement between Qatar and Iran. That is why they have imposed a blockade against Qatar. On June 5, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and…

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Pökot Marriage.

Boys and girls meet at dance parties or at communal work or while tending domestic animals. When a kind of friendship has developed, a type of secret engagement may take place. And when the young man is fully decided he tells his father and both go to the girl’s home to break the news. The…

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Kenya. Journey into Pökot Cultural Heritage.

“ Rocks or hills can never meet.  Only our peoples can come together”.   A Pökot saying Under the acacia tree, Makiab, the old man, was looking at the Mountain Tiatiy, a sacred mountain, ‘where the sun rises and where the Pökot believe life started’. He was looking afar. He was remembering the time when as…

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Money as a mission.

St. Basil the Great, in the 4th century would call money ‘the devil’s dung,’  an epithet reused by Pope Francis last year. Oscar Wilde said…

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The Hare, the Hippo and the Fire.

The hare and the hippo were great friends. They walked together in the veld and visited each other in their homes. The hippo was very proud…

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Youth & Mission

The Virus of Racism.

The world is seeing once again the upsurge of a vicious “virus” that has spread to every corner of the world. This time, the “virus” is…

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