Monthly Archives: March 2017

Philippine. Heal, not kill.

As the death toll of drug related killings continues to rise following the new administration’s war on drugs, some Church leaders have come forward offering better solutions. Filipino priests and bishops are opening parish doors to drug offenders to provide immediate and long-term rehabilitation. Archbishop Antonio Ledesma, was the first bishop to publicly welcome the…

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Protests and repression.

Opening a new phase of crisis, was the exclusion from the Legislative Council, prompted by Beijing, of two ‘Youngspiration’ parliamentarians, a ‘localist’ party. Their ‘fault’, having failed to observe the oath of taking office. During the installation of the renewed mini-parliament, on October 12, the 30 year-old Sixto Baggio and 25 year-old Leung Yau Wai-ching,…

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Hong Kong. An uncertain future.

For the former British colony of Hong Kong, part of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) since 1997, in the form of the Special Administrative Region, an election approaches whose significance goes far beyond the primary objective of electing the chief executive. It is a responsibility that for over two years has become the center…

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A Museum for advocacy?

A Museum can surely be an action of advocacy, if it provides awareness towards empowerment. The National Museum of African American History and Culture that ex President Obama inaugurated on 26th September 2016, certainly wants tell the African long slaves’ search for a deeply awareness and struggle towards their dignity and freedom as people. “For…

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Sarcocephalus latifolius. A vital role in the healthcare.

The use of medicinal plants as a fundamental component of the African traditional healthcare system is one of the oldest and the most assorted of all therapeutic systems. Medicinal plants are the most easily accessible and affordable health resource available to the local communities. One of such highly valued medicinal plants is Sarcocephalus latifolius (Smith);…

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The truth has never been given an easy ride in politics.

The spread of fake news has made truth and lies an urgent topic of political and social debate. The Association for the German Language chose the new idiom “postfaktisch” (post-truth) as its Word of the Year for 2016. The publisher of the Oxford Dictionary also chose the English term “post-truth” as its International Word of…

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Why the sea is salty.

Long ago, the sea was not salty. People got their salt from the mountain of salt across the sea. One day, the people in the village ran out of salt. But they could not set out to sea because the waves were high and the wind was strong. Their small boats would not withstand the…

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Guatemala. The Mayan noble art of weaving

The textiles of Guatemala are known throughout the world. Among their vivid colours, that of the ixacaco cotton stands out since pre-Hispanic times for its simplicity and meaning. The Maya believed in the cosmic energy of the ixcaco cotton (Gossypium Mexicanum), also called coyuchi or coyuscate. Since time immemorial, the Guatemalan indigenous people of different…

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The Covid-19 Pandemic Advocacy.

Advocacy is Re-active while "forcing" us because problems or issues are already there. Then we use advocacy to respond, seeking to address or reducing their…

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The Fox, the Monkey, the Hare and the Horse.

The fox is the wicked animal in the forest, and everyone hates him. He is for ever cheating people and playing tricks on everyone. There is…

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Youth & Mission

The African Youth Survey 2020. Vibrant Afro-optimism rises.

A comprehensive survey of Africa’s youth – the African Youth Survey 2020 –has just revealed a rising Afro-Optimism among the continent’s youth driven by a strong…

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