Monthly Archives: September 2016

India and Latin America In the multipolar context

The global transition, which is the result of the collapse of the Soviet bloc and the crisis of the USA’s unipolarism has changed the situation and favoured the meeting of India with Latin America. In particular, India, in the years following the cold war, changed its approach by designing its own foreign policy in terms…

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The Senkaku Islands Dispute

China has claimed that they were aware of the islands from the 15th century, and both China and Taiwan claim that the islands have been a part of Chinese territory since the 16th century. However, the Japanese claim that when the island was surveyed by them in the 1800’s, it was uninhabited and showed no…

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The Lion and Jabu

There was a young herd boy named Jabu. He took great pride in the way in which he cared for his father’s cattle. And his father had many cows.  It was quite a task to keep these cows out of trouble, away from the farmers mealies (corn) and out of the dangerous roads. Jabu had…

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India’ s economic access in Latin America

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, traveled to Fortaleza, Brazil for the 6th BRICS summit hosted by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, just two months after assuming office in May 2014. Modi used this opportunity to meet several Latin American heads of state and pledge greater Indian engagement with the region. Increased Indian cooperation with Latin America…

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Relations between India and Brazil

The relationship between India Brazil can be seen at all three levels: bilateral, plurilateral in forums such as IBSA, BRICS, BASIC, G-20, G-4 and in the larger multilateral arena such as the UN, WTO, UNESCO, WIPO. In the last decade, bilateral relations between India and Brazil have been strong under the leadership of former Brazilian…

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India. Mother Teresa, a message for our times

Mother Teresa will be proclaimed saint on September 5.  Archbishop Emeritus of Guwahati (India), Thomas Menamparampil, traces some aspects of Mother Teresa’s life. “One has to make a bold choice, risk a daring decision and pay the price”. Having known Mother Teresa closely over a period of four decades, what has impressed me most was…

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Senegal. A shelter for the talibés.

Issa Kouyaté is the Founder and Director of Maison de la Gare, a shelter in Senegal for hundreds of street children, often called talibés. To give them hope for a better future. He  is a familiar presence on the streets of Saint Louis, in northern Senegal: he can be easily seen walking or cycling, particularly…

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DR. Congo. Storm warning for September

The Independent National Electoral Commission’s inability or unwillingness to convene the date of the presidential election this 2016 could spark a new storm of violences  in this month of September.  On the last 7 July, the UN deputy Secretary General, Jan Eliasson told the Security Council that unless a dialogue takes place between the government…

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South Africa. Dance changes their life.

From the dusty streets of the townships to dance theatres. The dream of  many girls and boys. It is Saturday and the sun is setting on the shacks of Khayelitsha, a suburb on the outskirts of Cape Town. Sikhumbuzo Haleni is exhausted; he has just got off the bus and is walking home, his legs…

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Christians before the wounds of the world.

Individuals, society, the planet itself are suffering from many wounds. How to contribute to their recovery? A meditation by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila (Philippines). Today, people, society and the planet itself are suffering from many wounds. The failure of relationships within the family causes wounds to all its members, affecting as a…

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Syria. The difficult path of reconstruction

After five years of war, Damascus, has been reduced to a pile of rubble. Violence is everywhere. People are scared, their lives have been broken by hate. Despite all this, there are still those who, with tenacity and patience, try to make life ‘human’, even when it is lived in dramatic conditions. Sister Carol Tahhan,…

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The Age of Disbelief

It is truly an age of disbelief. Respect for the values of human life has plunged. People of Christian faith who declare belief in the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth that upholds the dignity and rights of the human person, stands with the poor and the excluded, shares with the refugees and the homeless, is…

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Rely on one own strength first.

We are in Pikine, a Dakar suburb, Senegal. Father Armel Duteil, is the one telling the story. He is an 80-year-old Spiritan missionary. French by…

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The Water-Buffalo and the Tiger.

Once there lived a hard-working farmer in a small village who had a water-buffalo. Every day, with his plough on his shoulder, he led his water-buffalo…

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Youth & Mission

Nine Challenges Facing Young People in Syria.

For over nine years, violence and displacement have devastated opportunities for youth across the country. Here are nine of the most pressing challenges facing young people…

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