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Algeria, the anti-IS bastion

Maghreb provides jihadists with fighters. The terrorist groups finance themselves through drug trafficking and arms trade. Their main obstacle: Algeria. Several factors suggest that the Islamic Maghreb is one of those areas throughout which ISIS might expand the boundaries of the recently established Islamic Caliphate. This hypothesis is first of all supported by the militancy…

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Music. “Gospel Journey”, the sound of wonder

If the title of Faada Freddy’s first solo album, Gospel Journey, has to be taken as a promise, after listening at its eleven tracks one must admit that the Senegalese artist has more than kept his word. The 40-year old founder of the rap crew Daara-J, leaving apart for a while his trademark hip-hop rhythms…

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Book Review. Inside of Islamic State

Whether the so called Islamic State will be an important part of history books in the future, nobody can actually tell. Nevertheless, the rapid and apparently sudden rise of the extremist group led by the self-anointed caliph Abubakr al-Baghdadi has pushed many researchers and journalists all around the world to focus on this bloody and…

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Traditional medicine and modern medicine

The modern or conventional medicine health care system has been described as the ‘Western model’ based on historical origin and the way it is practiced. Historically conventional medicine is regarded as having originated from the western parts of the world and the way it is practiced is to ensure that one’s condition is diagnosed to…

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Mexican Catrina. A celebration of life

“Calaca’s taken him”, is a Mexican expression that is used when someone dies. Also known as ‘Catrina’, this figure in high heels and a hat is the star of thousands of celebrations throughout the length and breadth of the country in November. We look at this character.  On November 1 and 2, Mexico celebrates what…

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Horn of Africa. Migration and Asylum: causes, factors and possible solutions

According to International Organization for Migration, (IOM), the Horn of Africa sub-region is currently one of the regions with a high number of internally displaced persons (IDPs).  This fact explains the large number of migrants who are not only seeking refuge in relatively stable neighbouring countries, but crossing into Europe as well. Although Syria is…

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Traditional healers

In Central and East Africa, the term most commonly used for a traditional healer is ng’anga. No one can doubt the fundamental role that this occupation still has in the field of health and health services in African societies. It is hard to define a ng’anga: he is a doctor, when he cures a disease;…

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Benin. Dancing with the spirits

The desire for  protection and justice takes on non-human appearances . The guardian of the night. The Pla, an ethnic group of fishermen, live in Gbecon, a small village on the banks of the Mono river in southern Benin. These people are particularly devoted to the worship of  Zangbeto, the guardian of the night. ‘Zan’,…

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An EU-Africa action plan to address the migration crisis

At a special summit which takes places on the next 11 and 12 November in Valletta, the EU will ask African leaders’ help to address the migration crisis. The challenge is a difficult one. EU states don’t agree with each other on a list of “safe countries” whose citizens are free from persecutions.  The purpose…

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Colombia. A long way to build peace

Government and FARC to sign peace agreement in March of 2016. But there are still stumbling blocks.  The announcement was made in Cuba, last 23 September, by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and the leader of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) Timoleón Jiménez “Timochenko” after three years of negotiations. The two sides have…

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The Dominican Sisters create their own climate solutions fund.

In recent years, many faith-based organizations have made bold statements about climate justice being a key component of their faith and stewardship of Earth and…

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How the Phoenix got her fine plumage.

A very long time ago before men had learnt how to hunt and set traps, all the birds lived together peacefully in a great forest. Theirs…

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Youth & Mission

"Brothers and Sisters All". We share dignity, rights and respect.

The latest letter of Pope Francis, his Encyclical, Fratelli Tutti “Brothers and Sisters All,” is one that should touch every heart, stimulate our minds, awaken our…

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