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Missionary Perspectives of a Local Church

The risk of losing the meaning of the universal Church. There is no such thing as an exclusively missionary Church that sends any more than there is an exclusively missionary Church that receives. His Eminence, Manila Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle speaks on the topic. The bishops and clergy, through pastoral care, render an admirable service…

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Laos. A country teetering on its own future

It is a country on the fringes both of the news and the development of Asia, seemingly forgotten by history and yet history itself, that of the Indo-Chinese conflict, in particular, remains a strong and somewhat cumbersome legacy in many respects. Inhabited by seven million people of many ethnic groups but mostly Lao, with an…

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Pope Francis: “ To go to the peripheries”

This year World Mission Day is Sunday 18 October 2015. In his message, Pope Francis writes: “Being a missionary is not about proselytizing or mere strategy; mission is part of the “grammar” of faith, something essential for those who listen to the voice of the Spirit who whispers “Come” and “Go forth”.  A synthesis of his…

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Central African Republic. Elections postponed again

The political transition in the Central African looks nowhere near to its end. Elections which were initially scheduled for November 2014 and were postponed several times, will probably not take place before the end of the mandate of the transition government. In principle, the first round of the presidential and parliament elections supposed to put…

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Mexico. Ayotzinapa One Year Later.

On September 26, 2014, forty-three rural college students from southern Mexico were forcibly disappeared in the city of Iguala, Guerrero. Allegedly abducted by municipal police officers as they attempted to hijack buses for a political protest, the federal investigation into the atrocity concluded that the youngsters were handed over to cartel gunmen who subsequently incinerated…

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Women in Africa’s top brass: it’s not just about the numbers

Increasingly, women are stepping up to the plate in peacekeeping missions and in police and armed forces across Africa. South Africa has the highest number of women in peacekeeping missions – a total of 15% in its operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and 10% in Darfur, Sudan.  Just over a quarter of…

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Asia. Women theologians. Sharing solidarity

Asian women theologian are playing an important role in the church and in the society, by empowering women to liberate themselves from oppressive situations. Asia is blessed with plurality of cultures and religions. The presence of many cultures and religions make Asia vibrant and colourful. Religion plays a major role in peoples’ lives. The sense…

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Faiths and Christianity

The sentencing of five Christians by a provincial court in February was met with harsh criticism from local and international organizations for human rights. The five ended up in jail for nine months for ‘illegal medical practices’ because they prayed – at her request – for the health of a woman near death. As evidenced…

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Tanzania’s tight elections

Tanzania is set to witness the tightest elections since the advent of multiparty democracy in July 1992. The 25 October elections will pit mainly the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi against the Coalition of Wananchi Constitution (Ukawa) which bring together the Party for Democracy and Progress (Chadema), the Civic United Front (CUF), NCCR-Mageuzi and the National…

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Rely on one own strength first.

We are in Pikine, a Dakar suburb, Senegal. Father Armel Duteil, is the one telling the story. He is an 80-year-old Spiritan missionary. French by…

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The Water-Buffalo and the Tiger.

Once there lived a hard-working farmer in a small village who had a water-buffalo. Every day, with his plough on his shoulder, he led his water-buffalo…

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Youth & Mission

Nine Challenges Facing Young People in Syria.

For over nine years, violence and displacement have devastated opportunities for youth across the country. Here are nine of the most pressing challenges facing young people…

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