Monthly Archives: September 2015

Niger. Migrants’ dreams buried in the sand

A long preparation. Then all the savings in the hands of smugglers. A dream ended in the sand of the desert. Idrissa, 26, is sitting on a bed at the migrant center of Niamey. The heat is oppressive. He looks out the window, he can hear noises from the street. Thoughts run in his head.…

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Music. To touch everybody

A tribute to women and Africa marks the comeback of Dobet Gnahoré on the musical scene. Released in April 2014, four years after her previous album, Na Drê includes fourteen tracks mainly dedicated to these two themes, which the Ivorian-born singer constantly intertwines. “I speak of beaten women, of those in love, of those who…

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Uganda. Justice and Peace Centre

John Paul II Justice and Peace Centre (JPIIJPC) is a consortium of five Religious institutes: Missionaries of Africa, Mill Hill, Comboni Missionaries, Holy Cross, Jesuits, and Comboni Sisters. Reflecting on the years of church life in the country, the major superiors of these congregations in Uganda recognized that the people of God in Uganda were…

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Hippopotamus, Elephant and Spider

Once upon a time, long ago, there was a terrible famine. The crops had failed and there was no food to be had on either land and water. Spider and his family had finished their store of food and were beginning to feel the first pangs of starvation. One day Spider went to see Elephant…

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Book review. At the root of the ‘resource curse’

The exploitation of natural resources, from diamond to oil, is among the most debated issues when dealing with Africa. Scores of news stories, op-eds, documentaries, research papers and even works of fiction have been dedicated to this subject, to the extent that sometimes whoever approaches the matter for the first time finds himself at a…

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Uganda. Radio Pacis: “We go Forward”

The only FM radio station operating in the West Nile region and Northern Uganda. At the service of the people and the church. It’s early morning, the sun rises behind the green hills of Arua. People moving and the first fires can be seen. From a group of huts a loud voice wishes “good morning”.…

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Elections in Myanmar. The difficult road to democracy

The much-hyped polls to the 664-member Parliament – finally fixed for 8 November 2015 – will be a test for both democracy in the former pariah state ruled by a military dictatorship as well as for the icon of democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi. This is expected to be a landmark general election because the…

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Sierra Leone. Ebola. Invisible Heroes

Young burial workers risk their life to conduct safe and dignified burials for Ebola victims across Sierra Leone. Some people are waiting patiently for their turn in a small room behind the hospital without air conditioning or a fan. The temperature here can reach 40 degrees. Some of them are sleeping with their head on…

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The Catholic Church

The early works the Catholic Mission in Kachin Land can be traced back to the time of the great legendary missionary Bishop Paul Ambrose Bigandet MEP (Missions Etrangers de Paris), the Foreign Mission Society of Paris. He was then the vicar of Pegu, lower Burma, under the Colonial English Rule and the vicar of Ava…

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Homelessness, an Unexpected Advocacy.

Advocacy is about defending a noble cause and denouncing oppression and injustice. However, it should be also a source of inspiration for alternative solutions to…

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How the hare lost his tail.

One day in the long, long ago the hare was walking through the forest. He was a good farmer and was on his way to inspect…

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Youth & Mission

Our Right to Speak for Climate Justice.

Hundreds of thousands of young people have taken to the streets from Johannesburg to London to demand radical action on the unfolding ecological emergency. It is a…

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