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Uganda. Girl soldiers: rebirth is possible

Their childhood has been marked by unspeakable cruelty. Former child soldiers find hospitality at the school run by Sister Rosemary where they learn a trade and to be loved. Restoring dignity and confidence to former child soldiers is a difficult task, but Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe has no doubts, it is a challenge worth engaging with.…

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Reportage – Boko Haram recruits young people from Cameroon

Boko Haram militiamen promise safety and, above all, money. Young people join the Boko Haram cause either voluntarily or by force. Now a regional military force is trying to stop the Islamist militant group. Youssouf is 21, he cautiously looks around and speaks softly: “A few days ago, Boko Haram militiamen came to our village,…

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Book Review. ISIS – Inside the army of terror

Since June 2014, when it announced the establishment of a Caliphate in the areas it controlled, the so-called Islamic State, formerly known as ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) or ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant) seems to have become one of the shaping forces in world geo-politics. From the Middle East…

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Nigeria. The three questions

There was once a chief whose mind was troubled. He was troubled because he wanted to know the answers to three questions. The first question was this: when is the most important time? The second was: who is the most important man? The third was: what is a man’s most important action? The chief thought…

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Mexico. God in the Tzeltal language

One people, one language, their Bible. Thirty-five years of patient and systematic work. It was a Sunday morning, the sun warmed the thousands of people standing on the large level ground not far from the Cathedral of San Cristόbal de Las Casas, in the state of Chiapas, Mexico. An elderly woman dressed in traditional clothes…

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India. Wari Walking

Singing praises and dancing, thousands of people have undertaken a pilgrimage to worship the Lord Vitthal, a Hindu God. A spiritual journey. On the eleventh day of Aashaadh (June-July), an ocean of devotees having undertaken an arduous two-week journey on foot, descend on the temple town of Pandharpur, in Maharashtra, in the western region of…

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Europe. What a fatigue being young

Eurostat has just published a lengthy document portraying the situation of under-30s in all 28 EU countries. Figures should prompt reflection… A 214-page document with numbers, charts, graphs, and information meant to give an overview of under-30 year-olds in Europe. “Being young in Europe today”, is the new “flagship” publication compiled by Eurostat, the statistics…

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Christian Commitment against Human Trafficking

Each year, thousands of people are deceived and sold into slavery as forced laborers, prostitutes or beggars, in other words become victims of human trafficking. What the Church can do. Human trafficking is a modern form of slavery. It involves controlling a person through force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to forced…

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Ivory Coast – Laughing for peace

Overcoming a crisis is never easy, but laughing about it can make it lighter. Maybe that is why L’Afterwork – a prime time radio show broadcast by Abidjan’s Radio Nostalgie – is so successful. In early 2013 those in charge of the network were wondering how to replace the program previously aired in that time…

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Research and Rating, a tool of Advocacy.

Advocacy is a strategy used around the world by NGOs, activists, and even policy makers themselves, to influence policies. Advocacy is about creating reform of…

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An Unhappy Fish.

0nce upon a time there was a colony of little fishes who lived together in their own small pool, isolated from the rest of the fish…

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Youth & Mission

Peace and Climate Justice is Needed to Save the Planet.

The world is afire again, the flames heartbreakingly consume shrubs, trees and forests in Australia, Portugal, Brazil, and recently in California and Siberia and elsewhere too.…

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