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Music – A Bantu from Canada

Bantu originally meant “people” in many African languages, but it did not take long before it assumed a different, almost derogatory meaning. Bantu, for instance, was the bureaucratic word used to label all South African blacks during the apartheid era. Now a 29 years old Canadian-Congolese singer is trying – in his own way –…

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The Armenian genocide 100 years on. “The Great Evil ”.

The Armenians call it Metz Yeghern, “the Great Evil”. The genocide of the Armenians forms part of the past of every citizen of this Caucasian country. It is something that has changed the very way people speak of themselves and their land. It is a dark, indelible stain that makes it hard to speak of…

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Nigeria. Not just promises

Mohammadu Buhari is the new Nigerian president. But one of the most troubled areas, the Niger Delta, has voted against him. Will there be problems for the new leader from the region? What should he do? We talked with Sunny Ofehe, Director of Inside Niger Delta Magazine. The people of the Niger Delta voted overwhelmingly…

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Nagorno – Karabakh conflict

The Armenian political context of the celebrations of the centenary is not at all favourable. For a start, the dormant conflict in Nagorno Karabakh is in a worrying season of reawakening. Nagorno Karabakh is a region located in the west of Azerbaijan, close to the border with Armenia and is de facto, an independent republic.…

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Terrorism and Drug Trafficking

According to a recent report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNOD), the international illicit drug business generates as much as $400 billion in trade per year. Drug trafficking represents a source of income also for terrorist groups. The United Nations has expressed deep concern about the links between terrorist groups and…

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Kenya. The Easy Target

The Al-Shabaab chose the easy target, ‘teachers and students’. The Kenyan government has decided to close the Dadaab refugee camps which host more than 350 thousand Somalis. The voice of the Catholic Church. “The Al-Shabaab have alienated much of the Somali population, which is mainly Muslim, because of the massacres committed against other Muslims. This…

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San Romero of America, Our Shepherd and Martyr

The angel of God announced on the eve. . . The heart of El Salvador marked The 24th of March and of agony. You offered the Bread, the Living Body – the broken body of your People; Their spilled Blood victorious – the peasant blood of your People in massacre that has to dye in…

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Book review – Boko Haram

It was officially launched on February 28, a mere month before the scheduled date for the Nigerian general election, but Mike Smith’s Boko Haram. Inside Nigeria’s unholy war is by no means an ‘instant book’. First of all, it arises out of years of research and field work: from 2010 to 2013, Smith was the…

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Mexico. Solidarity without borders

For twenty years, a group of women have helped migrants. Tossing bread and bottles of water. They expect nothing in return. Their lives are full of simple gestures, every day, to help immigrants. They are the living conscience of a dramatic situation, that of the many Central Americans without documents who travel every day on…

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The Covid-19 Pandemic Advocacy.

Advocacy is Re-active while "forcing" us because problems or issues are already there. Then we use advocacy to respond, seeking to address or reducing their…

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The Fox, the Monkey, the Hare and the Horse.

The fox is the wicked animal in the forest, and everyone hates him. He is for ever cheating people and playing tricks on everyone. There is…

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Youth & Mission

The African Youth Survey 2020. Vibrant Afro-optimism rises.

A comprehensive survey of Africa’s youth – the African Youth Survey 2020 –has just revealed a rising Afro-Optimism among the continent’s youth driven by a strong…

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