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Nigeria – Elections with the oil incognito

Inflation sky high, social budget cuts, investment dropping, unemployment growing. The consequences of the collapse in the price of oil could be “devastating” for Nigeria, Africa’s giant which will go to the polls on the 28 March. We talked with Sunny Ofehe, editor-in-chief of Inside Niger Delta. Nigeria depends on oil. What could the long…

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The Catholic Church. Being witnesses

The arrival of Christianity in Tunisia is linked to the arrival of Christianity in North Africa. Christianity reached Mediterranean Africa in the second century AD, and developed greatly until the fifth-sixth century. In the fourth century, 150 dioceses were established in the territory of current Tunisia, and 600 throughout North Africa. Half of the Christians…

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Tunisia – On the difficult road to democracy

Because of its strategic location in the Mediterranean, Tunisia’s territory has been disputed by different peoples since ancient times. In the second and third centuries BC, the region was inhabited by the Phoenicians who founded Carthage, their largest colony. The Punic Wars brought the region under the sovereignty of Rome. Tunisia enjoyed a high level…

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Book review – South Africa’s suspended revolution

As South Africa, a few months ago, reached a very symbolic point in its history, celebrating 20 years since the transition to democracy was completed and, almost at the same time, saw its citizens going to the polls in an election full of meaning, many journalists, scholars and political commentators tried to take stock of…

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The Creator seen in our Planet

This planet, a place of wonders and incredible beauty is but a tiny speck of dust in the vast expanse of the galaxy,one of billions of galaxies,it makes us ask, why? Why are we humans the only conscious self-aware life form here that contemplates the universe asking where it came from and wondering how something…

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Cambodia – Living solidarity

The Lindalva centre in Cambodia was founded by missionaries in order to support families and women who work like slaves in the textile factories. At a quarter past eleven, some pregnant women go out a small door, next to the entrance of the Korean Hansoll textile company, located in the industrial area of the capital…

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How the dog came to live with man

There was a time, long ago, when the dog and the jackal lived together in the wilderness as brothers. Every day they hunted together and every evening they laid out on the grass whatever they had caught, making sure to divide the meal equally between them. But there were evenings when they both returned from…

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China-Latin America relations and the fall of oil prices

Latin America is important for China in terms of energy, raw materials and as an expanding market for Chinese manufactured goods. China’s imports from the region have dramatically increased after 2001 when China became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO). The volume of Latin American imports to China has increased nearly twenty-fold from…

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Mexico. Father Solalinde, on the side of migrants.

They threaten and intimidate him, but Father Alejandro Solalinde continues his mission, at the risk of his life. Only a few hours after the 43 students, from a college near the town of Iguala in the southern state of Guerrero, had disappeared, Father Alejandro Solalinde, having consulted several trusted sources, was the first person to…

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10 Ways We Pretend War is Not a Crime.

Advocacy, more than economic interests, is about consciousness and knowledge. It is about building a strong democracy, holding those in power accountable. It is about…

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Why the Hippo lives in the Water.

Many years ago the hippopotamus, whose name was Isantim, was one of the biggest kings on the land; he was second only to the elephant. The…

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Youth & Mission

Saving the Planet and Ourselves.

Australia, Philippines, California and Central and South Africa have been recently hit by severe drought and endless forest fires.  Thousands are suffering. Plants and animals perish.…

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