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World Mission – The dream lives on

World Mission – the Asian Catholic Monthly Magazine – is celebrating 25 years of publication. Throughout these years World Mission has helped many Christians in Asia and the Philippines, in particular, to foster missionary awareness. We have asked its editor, Father Dave Domingues, what is the meaning of this celebration and what future he has…

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Pope Francis in the Holy Land: ‘That all may be one’

Pope Francis is set to make a historic pilgrimage to the Holy Land from May 24 to 26. The prime aims of the trip is to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the meeting between Pope Paul VI and the Patriarch Athenagoras in Jerusalem. The Holy Father will visit Jordan, Israel, and Palestine. ‘We are working…

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Nigeria – This elephant will not only stir

The Islamist group Boko Haram, is continuing to cause destruction and violence particularly in the north of the country. Nigeriaís President Goodluck Jonathan organized a National Conference. Religion will play a key role in the 2015 elections. We talked with Monsignor Matthew Hassan Kukah, the Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Sokoto. Boko Haram has…

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African Myths. A door to the mysteries of creation

In Africa, there are thousands of myths. They are an attempt to answer the great questions that, sooner or later, we put to ourselves about the world, the past, life, death, happiness, evil. Questions and answers that every generation puts and gives to itself and then passes on to the next. Myths are many: they…

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Mexico – The Music of Corn

The canario is the only kind of music played during the time of the planting and harvest ceremony, called the Tlamanes ritual. The name ‘canario’ may come from the musical and choreographic tradition of the Canary Islands, introduced to Mexico during colonial times. Regional musicians now believe that the name in fact comes from the…

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Mexico – The Harvest Ceremony

Corn is inextricably tied to the quotidian lives of the peasants and indigenous peoples of Mexico. As the basic grain, it shapes daily meals, and itís growing cycle influences the timing of ritual and celebration. We look at the harvest ceremony. The harvest ceremony is celebrated in October or November. The ritual begins inside the…

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Book – The New Middle East

Paul Danahar is not afraid of challenges, and his book The New Middle East probably is the best possible proof of this. In fact, in writing it, the former BBC bureau chief in the region, who has now taken up the same job in Washington, embarked on an almost impossible task: moving away from what…

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Bangladesh – The Catholic church, a little flock.

‘You are a ‘little flock’ and many of you are poor. You struggle with the natural limitations and man-made difficulties of your existence in this land. You know that in spite of these circumstances the Lord calls you to lives of holiness and peace’. In November 1986, Pope John Paul II, during his apostolic journey…

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Malawi elections 2014 – A few sun rays

Malawi will be going for elections on 20th May. These elections will be the fifth in the country. Voters will choose the President, the 193 seat Parliament and the local administrators. Malawi registered voters top 7 millions. However many are skeptical about the chance of a real change. Elections will coincide with Malawi’s 50 years…

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Kenya – Tomb Raiders

Security in Kenya has always been a sore spot. People are routinely hit with either waves of robberies or ethnic based violence. In recent years, terror attacks have become an unwelcomed addition. The international press reports tragic events, like the Westgate affair in September 2013. Strikes on solitary police posts at the border with Somalia…

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Editorial – EU / Elections 2014: decision-time

European citizens will go to the polls on 25 May to elect 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) in Strasbourg. These MEPs will represent over 500 million citizens in 28 Member States. It is important to choose those candidates whose main concern is developing a Europe of solidarity and fairness. The Eurobarometer survey carried…

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Has People Action Any Meaning?

It is given as a fact that any advocacy cannot have success without some sort of campaign. A campaign “is the process of mobilizing people…

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The Hare and the Baboons.

The day was very hot. The hare was on his way to a distant water-hole to quench his thirst when he met a party of baboons…

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Youth & Mission

Pope Francis invites youth to take risk, change world.

It’s two years until the next World Youth Day, which will take place in the city of Lisbon in 2022 and in that intervening time, Pope…

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